Temp/Humidity Sensor with Google Compatibility

I’m looking for a simple cheap temperature and Humidity sensor I can place in my garage that will connect to my Samsumg SmartThings v3 Hub and allow me to query using Google Assistant?

Any recommendations? Links?


@mhcrowder I’d recommend the aquara sensor. It is cheap and simple. It says requires aquara hub but works with the smartthings hub.

So the Aqara Temp/Humidity sensor will connect directly to the Samsung SmartThings hub and I wouldn’t have to buy the Aqara Hub?

Correct. The only caveat is that depending on what other zigbee devices you have set up in your home, they might interfere with the xiaomi (Aqara) device(s). If you have none, then there’s nothing to worry about.

I’d get the Sonoff zigbee temp/humidity over the aqara. It uses standard Zigbee, so should be easier to keep reliable with SmartThings and is about the same cost.

@prjct92eh2 Good idea. I dint even know about that. The only downside is that the aquara can give you air pressure with a custom dth, too.