Aqara (Zigbee) Temperature and Humidity Sensor on Amazon - $17


Just to note: this is the best price in the last 3 months, but in the last 6 months they’ve been onsale for $15 (you can see this at camelcamelcamel). I actually bought 2 of these from Amazon at their low point in Nov 2020 ($14.59).

These work well for me on my other brand hub, but I have a few Ikea smart plugs as Zigbee repeaters, which keeps the non-standard Zigbee 3 these use happy. I got these just to be able to measure humidity in a bathroom.

these are indeed an amazing value. I don’t like the CR2032, nonrechargeable but the actual lifetime is pretty good, maybe a real 2 years. Irregularly they may cease reporting until manual re-discovery.

They pair to Smartthings hub (I think) and Hubitat. Not sure if Smartthings device reveals the most unique feature… Hubitat requires a customization in device handler, adds the attribute…

barometric pressure. Suddenly it is easy to tell when I should pump down the coffee bean jar vacuum - crazy

It is not yet clear to me how to fully modify the handler to allow subscription for graphing so the chart was WAY too much work. I shd have more time for this foolishness when I get RIF-ed

This is a result of the slightly non-standard Zigbee 3 these devices use - they fall off the mesh. If this is happening to you, you need some Zigbee repeaters that are more tolerant of these. As I said, the Ikea plugs work well for my mesh keeping these connected.

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I have had some attached though Sonoff smart plug too and have been pretty stable.


After adapting to the host of the Tuya gateway, you can use the intelligent speaker to control or obtain the information you need. Support mainstream intelligent speaker voice platform access such as for Amazon Alexa, for Google Assistant.

What DTH do you use with these? I have a couple of these sensors, and the pressure always shows 100kPa, so I’m not sure it’s the best DTH (Anidea for Aqara Temperature).

100kPA, 1 bar, is about right for open air. Try lowering or increasing atmospheric pressure.

I did not try to integrate them on ST, but on Hubitat with device " [Xiaomi Temperature Humidity Sensor]"

it does note: * Based on SmartThings device handler code by a4refillpad

  • With contributions by alecm, alixjg, bspranger, gn0st1c, foz333, guyeeba, jmagnuson, mike.maxwell, rinkek, ronvandegraaf, snalee, tmleafs, twonk, & veeceeoh
  • Code reworked for use with Hubitat Elevation hub by veeceeoh

You could try to find the original or adapt that device driver, I’m not familiar:

metadata {
definition (name: “Xiaomi Temperature Humidity Sensor”, namespace: “veeceeoh”, author: “veeceeoh”, importUrl: “”) {
capability “Battery”
capability “PressureMeasurement”
capability “RelativeHumidityMeasurement”
capability “Sensor”
capability “TemperatureMeasurement”

A bit late after the event, but just for completeness …

To quote the file …

The capability definition only includes the single unit ‘kPa’, with a range of 0 to 110, and the app only seemed to be able to display integer values when last checked (displaying zero rather than truncating). This is pretty useless as 1 kPa is the equivalent of 7.5 mmHg or 10 mbar. The device itself is specified from 30 kPa to 110 kPa, with a precision of 0.12 kPa, and seems to return units of 0.01 kPa. The combination of the capability and its implementation in the app does not really seem to be fit for purpose. Currently the handler ignores the letter of the capability and offers a choice of ‘kPa’, ‘hPa’, ‘mbar’, ‘mmHg’, or ‘inHg’. However it is rather obliged to respect the display problem and only use integer values, making ‘kPa’ and ‘inHg’ pretty useless.

This was some time ago, when the DTH was the only one you were likely to find using the Atmospheric Pressure Measurement capability. I don’t know if the app still only accepts integer values.

The DTH predated custom capabilities and presentations, and wouldn’t work with anything that handles capabilities properly. For example, Edge drivers would spot that the value has to be 0 - 110 kPa and would barf at anything else.

My Aqara sensors were dumped in my landfill bin and I took great pleasure in seeing the bin emptied into the back of the refuse collection lorry and the crusher started up. So I haven’t been minded to revisit the handlers.

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I use this one as it displays the temperature in the new ST app.

I am using Mariano’s edge driver. He added custom Atmospheric Pressure capability in mBar.


How do you get these edge drivers installed?

Just add his channel and install this driver

Thanks, got it installed. Do you still have to totally remove the device to get an edge driver installed?

That is what I did and got it installed, Aqara Weather sensor.

Sorry I was away most of the day today. Yes, you have to remove Groovy devices, and add them back as Edge driven devices. As you might find more drivers that work wit same device but they might have different functions, you can just swap them, and see which one you like better. Mariano has another driver for this sensor, where he added thermostat capability. It turns this sensor into thermostat, and makes easier to control heater, fan and/or a/c, by just adjusting desired temperature.