Aqara (Zigbee) Temperature and Humidity Sensor on Amazon - $17


Just to note: this is the best price in the last 3 months, but in the last 6 months they’ve been onsale for $15 (you can see this at camelcamelcamel). I actually bought 2 of these from Amazon at their low point in Nov 2020 ($14.59).

These work well for me on my other brand hub, but I have a few Ikea smart plugs as Zigbee repeaters, which keeps the non-standard Zigbee 3 these use happy. I got these just to be able to measure humidity in a bathroom.

these are indeed an amazing value. I don’t like the CR2032, nonrechargeable but the actual lifetime is pretty good, maybe a real 2 years. Irregularly they may cease reporting until manual re-discovery.

They pair to Smartthings hub (I think) and Hubitat. Not sure if Smartthings device reveals the most unique feature… Hubitat requires a customization in device handler, adds the attribute…

barometric pressure. Suddenly it is easy to tell when I should pump down the coffee bean jar vacuum - crazy

It is not yet clear to me how to fully modify the handler to allow subscription for graphing so the chart was WAY too much work. I shd have more time for this foolishness when I get RIF-ed

This is a result of the slightly non-standard Zigbee 3 these devices use - they fall off the mesh. If this is happening to you, you need some Zigbee repeaters that are more tolerant of these. As I said, the Ikea plugs work well for my mesh keeping these connected.

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I have had some attached though Sonoff smart plug too and have been pretty stable.


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