Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor @ Amazon $8.94 after coupon

I know these are controversial with their support with SmartThings. I have luck with only 3-4 Aquara devices staying on the network at a time. But this is equal to or less than prices from Chinese retailers.


Just grabbed one, thank you. I love these… Have them in fridges, freezers, bedrooms etc with no issues.

Way too expensive for their level of frustration.

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I agree. I wanted to snag a few, but I don’t need anymore, can’t keep half of them connected, plus too much frustration.

you get (or dont get) what you pay for when it comes to these sensors

Thanks. I just got three (3) of them having to to do it one (1) at a time to get the $10 dollars off for each.

I have had little problems with these if you pair them at the hub and leave them there for 2 or 3 days before moving them. I learned this reading this forum in a thread a while ago. YMMV!

I have not tried that one yet.

Also, the deal is DEAD. Back at 10% off vs. the $10 off. Was it a pricing mistake?

No, Aqara tends to offer great deals on their products now and again. They also offered $10 off on several of their products yesterday.

Neat, is there an email list to find out or do you do have to check daily? I don’t know why I am asking, not going to buy anything… well probably not.

You can sign up for an account at camelcamelcamel to watch prices on Amazon and send you an email when they drop below the price you set. Don’t set the watched price too low but rather set it to a slightly lower price than the original price.

Note: CCC does not detect available coupons so it would not have notified you for yesterday’s deal.

OK… very strange. But it worked. I just added this the Aqara Temp Humidity sensor above by scanning for nearby things in the app. It added it as a “Thing” with no DTH assigned. I did not go through the compliacted steps like with the Xiaomi sensors in the past. I changed the DTH to this one and it looks like it works great now:

Got that DTH working as well for me as the other one wouldn’t display anything on my tile.
Anyway to display both humidity and temp on tile or its only one or the other?

Also my battery says 50% , cant be right as its brand new. Cant make much changes in settings other than first couple.

EDIT: after 30 mins or so i’m seeing things changing now, battery at 71% temp/humidity moving now , pressure staying same at 30 inHg , will keep eye on it.

Can I use these values in webcore ? ie. humidity above 55% turn on bathroom fan?

You can only display one with the new ST app.

This one has temp in the tile:

This one has humidity in the tile:

Can I use these values in webcore ? ie. humidity above 55% turn on bathroom fan?

Yes, works great, I use it for a humidifier.

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I tried bspranger but never showed anything for me in the title so jumped over to orange bucket as it showed temp at least.