Telldus plug and ST?

Is there any way to connect a smart plug from Telldus to ST without have to buy this Telldus Tellstick base?
The plug itself is z-wave and have the same frequncy.

As long as it’s a certified Z wave device operating on the exact same Z wave frequency as the smart things hub, you will be able to connect it to the SmartThings hub and get basic on/off capability. Not only will you not need the base, you should not use it if you’re using SmartThings.

However, advanced features like power reporting may not work out of the box without custom code.

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Did you get this working? Looking into getting the telldus plugs (but not the hub/bridge) as they are cheap. I’m only interested in simple on off via smartthings

Does the telldus worked with ST ?

I manage my Telldus devices via IFTTT.