Anyone intergrated rf 433Hz devices via telldus live / tellstick net with smartthings hub

Has anyone found away to intergrate rf 433Hz devices via telldus live tellstick net hub or otherwise with smartthings? they have published th api here -->

I’ve managed to use only some Telldus devices with IFTTT. I do not know any other ways.

I was considering an Arduino with a 433Mhz module like this one to read this kind of humidity sensors but I didn’t start (yet?)

This is more DIY approach.

Yep, I’ve also been using IFTTT to control my telldus 433Hz devices via Alexa but I was wondering if there was a Smartthings app available so I can intergrate my 433Hz devices with Smartthings?

There is a Telldus Alexa skill available where you don´t need IFTTT…

That said I´m looking for SmartThings integration…

Yep, I beta tested that Alexa skill for Telldus & STILL use it now but it’s Smartthings direct intergration i’m more interested in pursuing. At the moment the only way I can find to intergrate Telldus with smartthings is via IFTTT.