Tech Support Open Tickets View?

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #1

So using is great, but is there any way to get a list of our open tickets? Or notification when someone in support marks it resolved but no communication ended up going to us end users?

I have a few tickets open for weeks, no follow up, not sure their status. What is the proper protocol for checking in on the status of these tickets?

Or do I just wait and hope someone gets back to me?

(Matt) #2

I’d reply to the confirmation it sends when the ticket is opened via your first email. If you didn’t get that I’d resend.

My hats off to you, no way I’d wait a week w/out so much as a we’re still working on this…

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #3

I got a reply, the issue is how long is acceptable to wait for “I’ll forward this on to someone who can answer it.” till it just gets lost in the mix.

As I can tell, they are getting about 1000 tickets per week right now, assuming the numbers are sequential. So lots of tickets.

Just wondering how long tickets stay open, and if there is a way to see if my tickets are still open, I have about a dozen open, don’t want to find and reply with “what’s up, haven’t heard from you in awhile”.