Why is support closing tickets without resolution?

I guess now I understand why support is silent…Ticket “solved”?!? How, when? I would like to know how this issue was “resolved” without even reaching out to the customer…


apparently the expectation for the “free” service is that low… someone should lose their job over crap like this

This is SmartThings’s standard procedure so that they can maintain an average SLA of “resolving” “tickets” within certain ranges to prevent ZenDesk from spitting out nastygrams.

I discussed this at length with VP Operations Tyler1 and Support Manager Ryan. Very cordial attentive conversation – extremely impressive, honestly, but we disagreed on their specific process.

Also noted recently…

Tech Support has a 98% “Satisfaction Rating”.

Maybe they reproduced it on their end and solved it? Are you still having the issue?

Either way they should at least reach out and say look we found the issue and fixed it and let us know if it’s working.

It could be a simple mistake. Re-open it if you can, or send a new one referencing closure of the old one and you want it reopened.

Sending a response to the old ticket will generally automatically reopen it.

Yes… Definitely could be a mistake, but it is definitely not uncommon and SmartThings’s definition of “Resolved” allows this status to be used for cases where the problem is not fixable immediately.

It could be that they closed this ticket as duplicate. I have another one that is “still” open, which refers to a somewhat similar issue involving a contact sensor. Nevertheless, they should’ve at least notified me of the ticket closure. As for the other ticket, is day 6 and the only contact with support I had, was on Tuesday, when they reached out to ask permission to look at my account and that was the end of it. I’ve received no further communications from the support team…And yes, poltergeist is still out on the lose, yet the status page is all “green”.

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Take a look at the activity on the Forum over the last week or two and extrapolate that to 100,000 Customers. SmartThings’s support barely has time to read tickets (well, and “Resolve” them), let alone actually responding. I’m not being facetious… They seriously are drowning.

I believe this is true. Still, for posterity, put in a real ticket after doing your homework (reboot, reset apps, a little diagnosis), and don’t let it close until you have resolve. After that, posting in the right threads here with documented evidence of issues can be helpful too, for a community sourced solution. Who cares how the problem is solved, as long as it’s solved.

I’m a big fan of reality. ST needs real tickets to justify the resources to fix it now, and then make sure it never happens again. I’m not a big fan of rants, just constructive actions that are expected to net real results.


It’s just ridiculous. I’ve unplugged my hub, as my “temporary” solution of using cloud based apps failed because my motion sensors get stuck on “waiting” next event that is in the past. At least without the hub, I have no expectations for the lights to turn off.


What is the URL for “My activities”? I’d like to check the status of my tickets.

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Here is the link:



Thanks for the link, and hopefully your closed ticket was accidental. All of the tickets I expected to see as Open, were.

I tried to access the Support Requests page and it required a username and password. I entered my Hub password, and that didn’t work. So I entered my shop password, and that didn’t work.

I contacted support by Live Chat and they informed me that the Shop and the IDE do not sync passwords, so it is possible to have two different passwords.

The support representative also confirmed that the support ticket system is currently broken, and “its something we have to fix”. They further confirmed that “this is a platform issue”.

Guess I won’t be checking my support tickets.

I am sure it was closed for a good reason. I have all but good things to say about SmartThings, even though at times, things got rough before they got better. I understand that they may be going through “growing pains” and that will continue. Events that happened in the past week DO NOT change my opinion that SmartThings is an awesome idea that has great potential.


IMHO, the ST Support Desk maybe doing the “Best They Can” because of all the critical issues that they internally created. But most of us know that their current level of client support does not even come to any reputable SLA any of us have come to expect from other tech companies, even when these same tech companies have nightmare issues.

I have observed tech company help desks manipulate their logged call statistics to insure their management that they are operating with well defined and acceptable levels, but at the end of the day, they know that they have scrubbed the data to show what they want.

All we can do at this point, is wait and hope ST can dig out of the bottom of the crisis pit they are neck deep. It is helpful that some knowledgeable members are helping others with selective problem management.


Update: support reached out to me yesterday, and explained that the ticket was closed in an effort to consolidate my outstanding tickets…They also said, that are taking under consideration sending out future notifications when tickets are closed for consolidation purposes!

Shortly thereafter, I’ve received an email addressing my open ticket. While, I was less than happy with the response, at least they are still researching the issue. Today is day 7…

Their system used to poll Customers for a “satisfied / unsatisfied” check after every ticket was closed. I presumed this was automatic. You can bet that if you marked the ticket “unsatisfied”, they would get back to you pretty darn quick.

Now your case is pretty reasonable, perhaps not super critical, but 7 days is ludicrous. And yet their same satisfaction expectation will exist. I now presume they no longer survey satisfaction… The results would bother somebody in management.

But as @bridaus says… Guess we just have to face reality.

This just scratches my cognitive dissonance bone whenever I read how excellent SmartThings’s tech support is. Great individuals, perhaps, but broken system. :confounded:

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