Tasmota on esp32 conected via matter

i have installed tasmota on a esp32 with a temperature sensor attached and connected it to my v2 smarthings hub via matter .and it works so far .

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Explain more the process please. Using the Tasmota driver I presume?

install the driver to the esp32
go the to webpage
enter config / matter config enable matter, on smartthings add device scan barcode on tasmota webpage done .
you can also add other tasmota devices to that one but havent tried that yet.

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i added an (esp8266 with a tenperature sensor flashed with tasmota ) to the esp32 matter list via ip and it now shows in the webpage and has just popped up in smartthings.

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Looks good in Tasmota!
I presume it’s one of these…

But how do you visualise that in Smartthings - do they map correctly to use as conditions or actions in routines?

i can create a routine using the temperature sensor

Very interesting - thanks for sharing. I guess I shall have to start using the ESP32 instead of the 8266 chips I’ve been using up to now.

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thats what i was thinking .

Doesn’t it bring the dew point, or even the humidity, to Smartthings?

yeah brings the humidity as well in a seperate tile

And the dew point? :thinking:

no not here

Ok. It’s going to be a case of ‘suck it and see’ I imagine as the Matter 1, or 2, protocol won’t cover Tasmota sensor specifications. Personally, with Matter bringing in WiFi locally and the ST platform also running routines locally I had not had so much interest in Tasmota. But then of course it brings in all sorts of capabilites with a terrific range of extremely cheap sensors, which can then be used in routines.
Will have to give it a try.

@montyfert did you had any problems with connecting tasmota to smartthings.
I could’t connect it, got an error.

no ,not at all just scanned the barcodein the tasmota webui with the smarttings app .

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After yesterday’s iOS 1.7.09 app update the tile for @hongtat 's Tasmota Edge driver now shows all devices in exactly the same way as the Hue Matter bridge.

For some reason I’m missing my 3 LD2410 child presence sensor devices, although the main shows as a light.