SonOff TH10/16 Tasmota 9.2

Hi everyone,

Has anyone managed to get either the SonOff TH10 or TH16 to successfully work with smartthings?

i have flashed both devices with the latest version of the tasmota firmware and they are up and running as expected on my home wifi with tasmota.

I have then installed @Eric Maycock (@erocm123) two device handlers Sonoff TH - Tasmota and Sonoff TH Wifi Switch (excellent work Eric!) - unfortunately neither will switch the relay from the smartthings app. (i am using the new smartthings app not smartthings classic). Just getting this bit to work would be a start.

With regards to reading temperature and humidity i am using both the AM230 and DS18B20 sensor and whilst i can see readings in tasmota i get nothing on the app using either of the device handlers above. i read some old post about temp and humidity not yet being supported however i see in the Sonoff TH Wifi Switch device handler that both temp and humidity are being parsed.

if anyone has had success with these i would be grateful of a steer in the right direction.

thanks for you help

I have exactly the same problem. I can get the switch to work but unable to get temperature data for use in ActionTiles.

The Tasmota interface provides all the sensor data and i can extract it with MQTT as well.

how did you get it to function as a switch? once i have that bit working i will investigate the code a bit more.

i have finally got this to work, it turns out you need to use the tasmota connect smart app by @hongtat

it will install a switch and a child temperature/humidity sensor i can then read the values on the child device and switch with the parent device.

I set it up as a Tasmota device in SmartThings.

If I use the TH10 device it shows up but does gather any sensor data or switch status.

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