SonOff TH10/16 Tasmota 9.2

Hi everyone,

Has anyone managed to get either the SonOff TH10 or TH16 to successfully work with smartthings?

i have flashed both devices with the latest version of the tasmota firmware and they are up and running as expected on my home wifi with tasmota.

I have then installed @Eric Maycock (@erocm123) two device handlers Sonoff TH - Tasmota and Sonoff TH Wifi Switch (excellent work Eric!) - unfortunately neither will switch the relay from the smartthings app. (i am using the new smartthings app not smartthings classic). Just getting this bit to work would be a start.

With regards to reading temperature and humidity i am using both the AM230 and DS18B20 sensor and whilst i can see readings in tasmota i get nothing on the app using either of the device handlers above. i read some old post about temp and humidity not yet being supported however i see in the Sonoff TH Wifi Switch device handler that both temp and humidity are being parsed.

if anyone has had success with these i would be grateful of a steer in the right direction.

thanks for you help

I have exactly the same problem. I can get the switch to work but unable to get temperature data for use in ActionTiles.

The Tasmota interface provides all the sensor data and i can extract it with MQTT as well.

how did you get it to function as a switch? once i have that bit working i will investigate the code a bit more.

i have finally got this to work, it turns out you need to use the tasmota connect smart app by @hongtat

it will install a switch and a child temperature/humidity sensor i can then read the values on the child device and switch with the parent device.

I set it up as a Tasmota device in SmartThings.

If I use the TH10 device it shows up but does gather any sensor data or switch status.

07990 790200

Not sure if the OP solved this, but you need to do several things to get both the SWITCH and the TEMP probe to appear in ST so you can use it in WebCoRe, actiontiles etc.

  1. I used the device handlers from Hongtat the provider of the smartapp TASMOTA connect.
  2. I installed both the GENERIC SWITCH hongtat DH and the CHILD TEMP/HUMIDITY sensor DH.
  3. I flashed with tasmotizer latest 1.2 you can specify the sonoff TH in send config after flashing. Also use the GET IP so you know the IP address.
  4. Set your IP address to a static IP in your router.
  5. point your web browser to that IP address to login directly to the sonoff TH. (CONFIGURATION - CONFIGURE MODULE). You need to TELL IT there is a temp probe attached. In my case the 1820.
  6. Run Tasmota connect smartapp - provide the IP address when prompted. Both the SWITCH and the TEMP PROBE should then appear as NEW SMARTTHINGS devices.