New ST App - Attach Photos with Notifications

Hi, I’ve been using the ST new app for a short while now … found one or two bugs as my previous posts listed. But in general its very good.

However I want to know if anyone is using the “attach photos with a notification” that can be selected in the automatons. Mine says no camera, but I have a ring doorbell and the ST app allows me to take snapshots using the ST app so why does it not see this device as a camera as well ?

Also if anyone is using successfully what camera are you using ? And finally not wishing to rake up old debates about the ST & Blink integration, but anyone have any thoughts of ways I could use my Blink cameras to do this?

Many thanks


I think that works with the SmartThings Cam and maybe Arlo. The ring video capture saves to your local phone, so no way to push a notification through the cloud to your phone.

Thanks Jimmy

Is there a Smartthings Cam ? not seen that … will google it

Thanks … I’m in the UK but found it on ebay.

Shame I cant use blink camera to do the same thou

With Amazon acquiring Blink, it was only a matter of time. It is a shame though. Luckily, Wyze is currently working on ST integration so I’m looking forward to that a lot.