Tado window/wall A/C unit control

Many possibilities with ST and Tado: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tado/tado-cooling-intelligent-a-c-control?ref=home_popular

I use a mini-split system so this would be great. It would also have been nice in my days in NYC with window units. Hopefully we can see some SmartThings integration as well.

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It looks sweet. Window Unit people unite!

From their comments:

Thanks for asking! We will offer an API to a closed group of developers at first (pledge and chose developer package). We might also interface with other connected home solutions later on but there is no specific time line for this as of today. All the best!

So it looks like an API will be available at some point in the future.

Once I saw this post I immediately backed Tado on KS.I pledged for 3 units!I hope I have seen
the project before so I could be an early adopter.
Apart from SmartThings-Ubi-Ninja Blocks that I already have, I will add Tado to my smart home
and then only thing is to buy a Nest or another smart thermostat.

I have connected Smartthings with Ubi am going to test a Ninja Blocks-Smart Things-ifttt connection
and I hope Tado will add to the mix complete in-house temperature management.€230 for 3 devices
is expensive but am looking at the future.I hope that you guys try to connect with openHAB
that I recently stumbledupon which is open source and connects various IoT devices together!

The Tado team announced today that if they get to $200k they will be adding SmartThings support (they are at just under 180k with 44 hours to go). Go back it! :smile:

yes, please back this project! I would love to see SmartThings added.

Awesome, they hit 200k! SmartThings integration will be included!

Has anyone got this product yet? Does it work, etc? I’m interested in this product if it will work with smartthings?

A couple of people have it on order, I don’t think anyone reported setting it up yet.

I got mine a few days ago but unfortunately I no longer live in the house with the mini-split system I wanted to control (the product was almost a year late, typical Kickstarter). I’m interested in repurposing it for other uses though, like a general IR controller (not sure if this is feasible) or an intelligent temperature sensor to use with one of the apps that is meant to balance the temperature in your house. I already have temp sensors in almost every room but the presence sensor on the tado would be useful for other things.

I may unbox it today and see what I find…

I set mine up over the weekend but it has many issues. I have a call tomorrow with the CTO regarding hammering out the firmware issues related to wifi and IR codes. I will attempt to get firm answers on Smartthings and IFTTT as they were promised in the Kickstarter campaign.


@Aaron_Fisherdid you have a chance to talk with Tado CTOyet? I got a Tado for my window unit. it works but seems it should be easier to set up and have a better interface.

Hey there,

Yeah, I have had quite a few issues thus far and we are ironing them out. A little FYI, Tado uses the same chip that exists in the Remotec ZXT-120 so all the same compatibility should fully exist, though I am working with them on patching a few bugs that limit usability.

@Aaron_Fisher Good job. Can’t wait, please keep us inform. Thanks .

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As a result of some suggestions on this forum I shelled out the money for one of these units hoping to get some help remotely controlling a window AC in a vacation rental. Well the Danby AC remote is not a recognized brand so you have to cycle through 615 possible remote solutions to find the programming that might work for you. It requires you sit with the device pointed at the AC while it tries EACH of the 615 known remotes. You are to acknowledge if the AC reacts to a signal or if it doesn’t. I made it through 300 cycles before I wanted to smash the thing to bits. I quit and took the device home. I sent an email to see what they say. I am not happy and hope they have a swift solution or a refund ready. SO discouraged.

I’m so sorry to hear that! (My suggestion did include buying it from someplace with a good return policy.)

Setting up IR codes is often tedious, only you can decide if the effort is worth it. Hopefully Tado can add a Danby profile for you, or at least tell you which other one to use.

LOL, you did!

I have to say the cycle thru 615 possible matches was so 1990’s to me.

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Another option would be to write Danby, tell them you’re trying to add the A/C to a universal remote (you don’t have to mention the WiFi part) and ask them what IR profile to use.

Thanks! I will give that a try. Good idea.

Hey everyone,

Apologies for the radio silence as I have racked up approx 100 emails between Tado tech support and have a few positive and negative conclusions. 1. You can now change the IR code on the web interface, 2. You can reset the unit in the web interface, 3. They are beta testing the Android app for teaching commands 4. There MAY be a Celsius to Fahrenheit issue with IR codes, 5. They are using the exact same chip as the Remotec Z-Wave to IR device listed on Amazon, and 6. I would try the Sensibo over the Tado at this point. I sat down with the Sensibo founder when he was in NYC a few weeks ago and we spoke about different technology methods over a drink. Sensibo is more likely to have better compatibility with their method than Tado. Tado is licensing a database that is likely to have a million issues, Sensibo built their own.

I am sending mine back…it won’t work with my unit. Good luck to you although it sounds like it was a chore.