Tado heating and hot water control


For those using tado for heating and hot water control I have just received this from their tech support team when I enquired about additional IFTTT (hot water mainly) and them creating an official SmartApp :-

“We are planning a public API that will allow you to control your heating system in a completely different way. This will allow you use the SmartThings and more utilities and will be available very soon.”

I have, of course, gone back to ask for the definition of “very soon” but if they deem this as commercially sensitive (or still largely in development) I suspect I wont get a definitive answer but sounds quite exciting!

Would be nice to tie this into my (getting rather complicated) SmartThings world and to create SmartTiles for it to increase the (now infamous term) wife acceptance level. She already complains she can’t turn on the heating, hot water, outside/inside lights or music now :slightly_smiling: :confused:


Just heard back from the great support team of tado with this :-

"This will be available from the third quarter of this current year 2016. Unfortunately, we are not in the position to provide exact dates, apologies. "

So a few more long months to wait but at least it’s coming…

(Stuart Buchanan) #3

don’t bet on it, their dates for everything have slipped and slipped. they have got it in their head that Mutli-zone heating is what they need to grow so that is where their focus is. I already have a working device handler for the Tado Hot Water that works with ST, however i am currently working on transposing the API calls into a smartapp, so you will have an option available in a few weeks rather than months…yes the API is not documented but it is available for those of us that want to work it out.


@fuzzylogic - looking forward to your new implementation.