Tado Extension Kit

Seen this on Amazon…

Would you need the Stat still or can ST Talk to this without the Stat?

In order for Smartthings to talk to Tado you need the Internet bridge. The Internet bridge normally comes with either a Smart Thermostat starter kit or a Smart Radiator Valve starter kit.

So it would seem the minimum requirements would be the Internet bridge and either a Thermostat or Radiator Valve. It is not compulsory to have the Extension unit as the Thermostat can do that function if the Thermostat is itself wired in to your heating system although the Thermostat cannot control the hot water. If you want the Thermostat to be purely wireless then the Extension unit takes over the wiring link aspect.


Thanks for the reply. I’m with you. I’ve got a combi boiler so the hot water is not relevant. I have two zones a downstairs stat and an upstairs stat. I’m guessing all I need here to get my heating onto ST is two thermostats (which can replace the wired traditional stats), and a bridge and then I’m away?

Yes that would my interpretation, just to make that completely clear I agree it would seem you need

1 x Smart Thermostat Starter kit (contains a Stat and a Bridge)

1 x Additional Smart Thermostat (contains just a Stat)

I would advise double checking with Tado, they can also confirm compatibility with your specific boiler model.