Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat integration

Hi, I am a newbie to smartthings. Maybe someone already answered this, is it possible to integrate standalone Tado smart radiator thermostat with smartthings w/o having Tado Smart Thermostat Starter Kit?

No. The Tado Smart Radiator valves require a Smart Thermostat to communicate via and the Tado bridge. The Tado Extension kit would however be optional.

Correction - they need the bridge which typically comes with a Smart Thermostat Starter kit but can also be obtained as part of a TRV starter kit.

Thank you.

Errr, yes. I have been using the TRVs with ST without the thermostat starter kit, but you do need the internet bridge. Now swapped my Nest for the Tado thermostat with extension… just got even better.

Hi eddie,
How did you connect tado with the new ST? Cant find a way…

Would you plz push me in the right direction? Thx

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