Issues after hub update from this friday

After HUB update on Friday i am having issues with motion, contact sensors and GE lights. Friday night alarm triggered 1 time and Last light Alarm triggered 3 times. when i checked it shows my motion sensor detected motion but device is not active for so on hours and again it detected motion from same device but now device is active. it is happening to my window and door sensors also. device is not active. i am removing my battery and putting it back then device comes back active. sometime it come back active by it own. GE Link bulbs are turning on by its own and turning off. some times i have light on for ever then i turn off the switch and turn it on and configure from add things then they start working again.

This happened since last hub update. i use to have issues but not this frequently. now in a day i can see this happening atleast 5 to 6 times.

Also my devices once battery reaches to 78% it stop working. battery is still good. i have to remove battery and put it back to make it work.

Hope they find out something.