Sylvania Smart+ ZigBee Full Color Indoor/Outdoor Flexible Lightstrip - $16 on Amazon

In smartlighting choose turn on & set color, then you can choose color and brightness.

in a scene, when i tap ‘add device options’, which is where i normally set brightness, is just says ‘no more device options available’

check at what the Type field is set to for that device

ZigBee RGBW Bulb

I bought these back in January and just had a chance to look at these.

The box for these specifically say do not cut.

The first post shows these and the indoor connector kit.

I bought both the led strip and the indoor connector kit.

Did not realize the connector kit is indoor, not rated for outdoor use.

But the led strip says do not cut so not sure how to use the connector kit with it.

The problem with these is the length of the power cord to the first part of the led strip is very short as compared to the garden spots.

Since it is outdoors don’t want to be running ad-hoc extension cords.

The length of power cord is way too short to get power if I mount these on the eaves.

Was tempted to “borrow” some power cords from the garden spots, but the garden spots are 5 volt and the led strips are 12v.

Also, this might be incorrect, but I think that the connector kit would be used with the indoor led strip that already has the connectors on them.

I think for the strips that are cutabble you can make them shorter by cutting, but it looks like you cannot then use the connector kit without soldering after cutting.