SYLVANIA Smart ZigBee Flex (Lightify) Christmas Routine?

Hello, I used to use webcore to sync my 5 outdoor light strips to change from green to red for Christmas. I want them to sync to the same color but just cant figurine it out. Currently using the Zigbee Light Multifunction MC driver. Anyone have any luck doing this?

Hi @lmd569

Do the 5 lights use zigbee light multifunction Mc driver?

What do you need to do, get all the lights to change to the same color without much delay?

or do you want to make a specific color sequence?

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Correct using the ZigBee Light Multifunction Mc (Version 2023-10-26)
When I had webcore for Christmas, I just have it flip from red to green with a delay (maybe every min or 2). Nothing Fancy, but I want all the lights strips to be the same color at the same time and change colors at the same time.

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  • install Aplicaciones virtuales Mc driver from my channel
  • In app add new device with search nearby option
  • device creator will appears in your hub room


  • In this device create a Text Field device
  • Text Field device will appear in your hub room


  • You need do 4 routines:

1. To turn on al lights at first color, Red for example:

  • If Sunset Then:
    • turn on lights color Red
    • Text Field 1 set text: Red

2. To change to Green color after 1 min:

  • If Text Field 1 = Red during 1 minute Then:
    • Text Field 1 = Green
    • Set lights to Green Color

3. To change to Red color after 1 min:

  • If Text Field 1 = Green during 1 minute Then:
    • Text Field 1 = Red
    • Set lights to Red Color

4. To turn off lights at 0:30 hours

  • If Time = 0:30 Then:
    • Turn off all lights
    • Text Field 1 = Stop

You can change the times in each color

You can add more routines for different colors

You can create a scene to start it manually, instead of the routine or start it by typing Red or Green on the text device and they will turn on after 1 minute.

You can create a scene to stop it manually



I understand the reason for multi routines, Im not sure I understand the multi text fields…Do I need one for each routine?

And 2 routines:


When using all the lights the zigbee Light multifunction Mc controller and if you want to make all the lights change color randomly every x second to the same color, you can do the following:

  • In one of the lights create a device group mirror control. Device will appear in your hub room


  • In preferences assign all the lights you want to control to the same group number, for example 1

  • In all lights you want control activate the Mirror Group Function

  • On the Mirror Group Control device:
    • Select the color change timer, 1sec for example
    • Select Random Color Mode Change
    • Activate the Color Changing function

All lights in the group will change to the same color randomly every 1 sec.

You can start or stop it with routines by activating On or Off of the Mirror Group control device.
Also directly with the on/off button of the Mirror Group control device

You only need 1 device and use only the text field one.

The text field device is necessary because cannot do routines with the condition IF color β€œX”, so the device text field is used to know which color is active and activate the routine to change to next color

The mirror Group-I forgot to assign the group # in the Mirror group switch itself!! Works GREAT – I can change all the lights in sync at the same time BUT I have to click on a color…I have made color change active and set to random but nothing is happening–So Close! I know I am missing something… Thanks so much for all the screen shots!

Are you do this?

Including Mirror device control

  • In all lights you want control activate the Mirror Group Function

They all are, if I go to the Mirror group now and select blue -they all turn blue, red - they all turn red but if I select β€œcolor change mode Random @ 6 seconds” it doesnt do a thing…

It worked fine, but I don’t know what has changed.

Check that in preferences you have all transition times set to 0.

When I changed that it started working fine.

Tomorrow I will look at it more slowly, but with this change to value 0 it should work

Hi @lmd569

Corrected in this version of the driver the error that prevents the lights from turning on in color changing mode when in preferences the transition time on-off value is greater than 0.

What I have seen is that the random color changes are independent on each device and the effect may not be what you are looking for. I’ll look at it to see if I can sync it.

You can use this Mirror Group Control device to change the color of all the bulbs with the routines that use the Text Fied device, sending a single color change command to this Mirror Group Control Device instead of send to all the bulbs independently, you will see a change faster and more synchronized

 Name         Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc            
 Version      2023-11-25T15:10:37.526163341        

Color changing mode is working now. IDK why it wasnt but I did look and the driver did update. I am using the mirror group for all my RGBW lights and it def syncing now. I check tonight to see if each device stays in sync of each other. I assume since its a mirror it would follow the group…