How to have OSRAM lightify change color based on time?

Newbie question here…
I bought my first set of smart color lights (OSRAM) yesterday and the forums here have been immensely helpful in setting up the virtual switches to have these lights turned on with Alexa with different colors.
Now I am trying to setup a scenario where the light alternates between two colors (red and blue) every 10 minutes once turned on. I did a search and could not determine if there is a smartapp which can accomplish this task.
Could anyone please direct me to any instructions on how to set this up?
Thanks to the brilliant people in this community.

There are a couple ways to do this, but I think Core can handle the Osram colors, and if so it will be the most straightforward. So start by asking in the core peer assistance thread, and the folks there will tell you if it can be done. :sunglasses:

Many thanks. I will work through the CoRE thread.

The peer assistance thread is a catchall thread, you can just ask your question at the end of it and other people will be glad to help you. :sunglasses: