Color Coordinator App not working

I can’t seem to get color coordinator to work with multiple OSRAM lightify strips. I have a total of 3 with 3 different controllers. It seems that the brightness is the same and it will adjust, but the color will not change. Any suggestions? One thing to note is that when I go to change the color on the master light (lets say to red), the other 2 lights will flicker that color but then go right back to the color they were before.

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Use webcore instead much more flexible and a lot more control

Do you know where I can find step by step instructions on how to install something like this. I am new to smart things.

I am the author of the Color Coordinator app…Can you you describe a bit more the issues you are having? Quite honestly, even though this is my app, I tend to agree that WebCore will give you a bit more fine tuning of the colors and linking them together.

I have three separate osram lightify strips on there separate zigbee controllers. I have set one as the master and the other two to follow what number one does. When I go to change the color of number one the master will change, but the other two does not. Sometimes the other two will flicker to the color I selected but will remain at the original color it was when I turned it on.

Ok…I have a similar configuration. I will look at this tonight and see if I can get you a version that works better (it will not be published automatically, You will have to install it. The published apps are controlled by SmartThings.)

Sounds great. Do you know where I can find a good instructions list on how to install apps manually. I have never done that before.

While VERY long overall, this section of one of my other apps is a really good example of grabbing code and installing on the SmartThings IDE:

Go to

You need to install webccore first then you can import this piston and modify. If you are new it is a big learning curve though.

I was able to reproduce the issue…I am going to work on a fix, but have you installed WebCore yet?

I did find the error with the published app…Appears SmartThings updated it recently and either I gave them the wrong code or someone mis-applied a function. This code should resolve it:

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FYI…I just asked SmartThings to update the master file.

Thanks! I will try to figure out how to use this code. I did install webcore, it is a little complicated for me, but I tried to create a color coordinator through it, but it didn’t work. Here is what I created… Do you see what I may have done wrong?


In theory your script should work. You will notice the grey areas to the right of your settings…those are the incorrect values it appears. You MIHGT have to translate the setting of the ‘master’ to a variable, then apply that variable to the ‘slave’ lights.

I may try to set this up later today and see what can be done.

I did load the new code for color coordinator. It does work, however, how much lag is normal between changing light one and it showing on light 2 and 3?

The lag is dependent on your system, internet, and SmartThings. There is no built in delay. In my setup it is within 1 to 2 seconds.

Hello Michael,
Loved your application. Thanks for writing it! It stopped working recently. I saw in the thread it got fouled up somehow but you requested Smart Things fix it.

Do you know if they will? I tried reloading it but still no go and I have little interest in downloading code etc.

Can you ask them to update it again? I miss my art deco kitchen lights on demand!



I just got word that SmartThings validated it. They were a bit less forthcoming of WHEN it would get posted, but until then if you want the functionality of the app here is the source file:

I will let you know when it is published in the SmartApps section of the mobile app.

The update should go out next week.

Thanks Brad!!!