Sylvania SMART+ Outdoor Accent RGB Lighting Kit

Got a good deal on this kit but am not able to get them to connect to SmartThings. Any hints or suggestions? I’ve tried using Sylvania devices, having SmartThings scan, resetting the lighting kit and am not having any luck. Any help would be appreciated.

Are you attempting to add them inside or outside of your house? It may help to bring them close to the hub and connect them, then take them to their outdoor location. Possible you may need to add a zigbee repeater to get a signal to them if you have issues.

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I have 3 sets of these and have had no issues with them at all. I would bring them in and see if they can connect while inside close to the hub.

My lights work fine, and now they are on Edge driver by Mariano.

I did bring them inside when trying to add them to Smartthings before posting here. Should have added that to the original post.
Is the only way to put them into pairing mode to plug them in? The one I have has a zigbee module between the lights and the power supply.

Yes, to pair them, you need to plug them in. I would recommend to plug them in switchable surge protector, and flip the switch 5 times on and 5 times off for 2 seconds in each state, and leave it on. Light would change to green, and if I remember correctly, when paired it will flash a couple of times

I’m still not able to get them to reset. When I turn them on they go blue, red, green, white. I tried 2 seconds from turning on the switch. I tried 2 seconds from after they go white. I’ve tried 3 seconds as suggested by SmartThings troubleshooting. I will mess with it some more but may end up trying to exchange them.

5 sets/times on and off with 2-3 seconds in each state, then leave them on and they should pair.

I have had the Sylvania Zigbee accent RGB lights for years. A few weeks ago they stopped connecting to the gateway. I’ve tried new gateways to no avail. I’ve tried the 5 time on/off reset for discovery. The gateway connected to a light bulb so that works but not the accent lights. Anyone have any ideas?

if its the sylvania little box gateway that plugs directly into an outlet, that was discontinued and turned off.

It is but that gateway worked on the light bulb. What gateway or hub can be used?

i have some regular (not accent) sylvania rgb lights paired to a ST hub.

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Just pair directly to SmartThings

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Are there less expensive hubs?