Sylvania Smart+ A19 Full Color LED Bulb

I purchased new Sylvania Smart+ WiFi A19 Full Color LED bulbs for my existing SmartThings System. I have tried multiple times and can not get them to pair with SmartThings. They eventually time out and say try again. I’ve reset the bulbs and tried different approaches including exclusion mode and trying again.

After multiple contacts with SmartThings support they are now saying these Smart Bulbs are not supported in their new SmartThings application, although they are listed as supported Sylvania bulbs.

They even provided me with a link to all supported Sylvania Smart Bulbs, . Yes this bulb is still listed as supported.

I am very disappointed in SmartThings Support. They said maybe in the future the developers will look at adding this device. (It is already listed as supported by the SmartThings Application)

Buyer beware!

The Zigbee devices have always been supported, the Wi-Fi ones, not so much. (theres plenty of other discussion on this site about the problems with supporting wifi devices and what it takes so I’ll refrain from repeating it here.)

I just took a look at the Sylvania device list in the SmartThings add device panel and unfortunately the problem is they have no designation on any of the models listed as to whether its Zigbee (most Sylvania bukbs) or WiFi… I do however know all the bulbs listed (at least on my screen - in the us) come in a Zigbee variant and I suspect thats what they actually mean.

Yes i agree, they need to uodate the list to say Zigbee, but considering ita up to Sylvania to build the support, im not putting anything beyond clarity on device type/model) on SmartThings as thier issue to fix.

Agree. The bulbs I purchased are WiFi and not Zigbee. They must be Zigbee to be compatible with SmartThings. Some clarity from Samsung SmartThings would have been helpful.