Sylvania A19 Color Bulb Can Only Connect 1 at a time

1st time posting here so please be kind but I have an issue that is causing me to pull my hair out. I bought 6 of these Sylvania Smart + Color changing bulbs. I can get one to work at a time. If I add one to smartthings I can never add a second. If I unscrew the working one from the lamp I can add the second but if I put the first one that was working back in its lamp it will become unresponsive within smartthings. If I install all 6 light bulbs at once and try to add them all it will only find and add 1 to smartthings. There is something I have to be doing wrong.

What other zigbee devices do you have? Any SmartThings sensors or other brands zigbee sensors?

Well total devices connected I have 3 Phillips Hues that have the Philips hub, I have a Zwave sensor strip, Ecobee thermostat with 2 sensors, a zwave switch and the rest that I have are Samsung smart things products, mostly multipurpose sensors. I do have Blink but that obviously is not connected to smartthings. Thanks.

ok. which SmartThings hub do you have and how many of the multipurpose sensors? Trying to determine if you’re running into the 32/64 zigbee direct connection limit?

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Total devices are only 16, the hub is the latest model firmware version 000.027.00009 Controller version 1.7.38-21

ah, ok. At this point your best bet is probably to call support and have them troubleshoot with you on the phone.

I figured, thanks.