Sylvania Smart+ Bulbs: Will They Dim to Less than 10%?

Can’t set the bulbs to less than the dang 10% limit of smartthings. Can the smart+ gateway from sylvania overcome that and let me set then to 1%?

I will try one out shortly.

Are you referring to whatever automation you’re setting up or the bulb itself does something weird when it goes below 10%?

I just connected one of my Sylvania RGBW bulbs to the lightify gateway. It does allow you to dim down to 1%, however, to my eyes the bulb isn’t dimming any more than 10%.

The ikea Tradfri bulbs also seem to stop at 10%

I can set the percentage below 10 but there is no change. It was my understanding that was the limitation of Smartthings, In that it did 10 levels of brightness. I was wondering of the lightify gateway permitted actually dimming below 10% output brightness.

As my test illustrated, the bulbs don’t seem to have that granularity. Most LEDs don’t in my experience.

Thanks for checking since you already had the hardware. Not much use in buying the gateway for me, I’ll stick with the bulbs attached to my SThub.

I only have their gateway so that I can update the firmware on my garden spot lights. For some reason ST didn’t have it.