Looking for light bulb that gets very dim

I am not as familiar with bulbs as I should be. That said I have a hallway of recessed lights that I want to have very low and soft in the evening and then late night get very dim. I ordered the sylvania zigbee BR30 bulbs and am not happy. They have a range of colors but when I dim to 1% they are still to bright. Should I be looking for a bulb with a lower color temperature? These have a temp from 2700k to 6500k.
Any recommendations?

All variants of my Hue bulbs get very dim. Worth a try

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I have the same bulbs as you, along with some standard Hue A19s. I prefer the Hue bulb because at 1% they make a nice nightlight scene. :+1: Where as, the Sylvania/Osram at 1% are too bright. :-1: But, you get what you pay for.
Cheers :beers: REH

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You need to start by looking at the lumens that the light produces at 100%. In the case of the Sylvania model you mentioned, that’s 810 lumens. So 1% of that is about 8 lm

Start with a bulb which is 600 or 650 lm, and it should be about 20% dimmer.

That said, I am wondering if color temperature might have something to do with it as well. A warm light is generally perceived as dimmer than a cool light even at the same lumens output.


Thanks everyone - very helpful info.

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One additional question. I dont need all the colors, just looking for a soft white that dims to a night light. The Philips Hue are pricey - is there an alternative that does not have all the color option? Or should I just go for it? I see this Innr Smart Bulb Smart Flood Light White BR30 is 650 lumens https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SD8SGZT/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_HusVFbXKVWEXN

INNR seem to work quite well with smartthings. The fact that it’s warm white should also help it be perceived as dimmer. Note, though, that also means it’s not going to feel as bright at full power. :thinking:

That should work for my purposes - I wont ever have them on at full power - they are just accent lighting for a hallway. I will give them a shot.

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Hue is quite cheap on ebay (or any of the other brands listed). Have bought several there.

Different people have different philosophies about buying from non-authorized retailers, including eBay.

In addition to the usual issues of counterfeits and inaccurate product descriptions, just be aware that many device manufacturers will not honor warranties for devices bought from eBay, as they consider all of those used items even if the product description says new.