Sylvania Osram remote dimmer switches

I’ve had a Sylvania Osram dimmer switch in my son’s room for several months, which I have set to control a Sylvania multicolor bulb in his lamp. It’s been working great up until about a week ago. Now when you press one of the buttons it normally registers the first time, but won’t register a button press again for a few minutes. I also just added the same setup to my daughter’s room a few weeks ago, which also was working fine as far as I could tell, but the same time my son’s started having issues so did my daughter’s. I’ve checked in the SmartThings logs and can see nothing being registered in between each time the button does work, so it’s like both switches just suddenly only work one press every few minutes. They’re both using the default DTH that was set and had been working great up until then. I rebooted the hub and pulled the battery from one of the switches, also. Any ideas?

I would open a ticket with support. About a week ago, something broke where Aeon button presses were not getting registered. They were able to fix that.

It’s possible there is a similar issue with the Osrams.

Thanks, I’ll give support a shot and see what they say.