Osram LIGHTIFY Dimmer Switch Setup

Hi, all. I just got the Sylvania Osram LIGHTFY Dimmer Switch and have paired it with SmartThings successfully. However, the upper and lower buttons don’t seem to function in turning on and off my kitchen lights. As I understood, that would be the default handler of the unit. When I look at the device in the app, it lists a single “Button” and its settings only identify the minimum time in seconds to count as “Held”. If I try to set up an automation in ST, it only considers one button, so I can’t use the top to turn on and the bottom to turn off.

Where am I screwing up?

Thanks everyone!

You need to Use a lighting automation in the smart lighting SmartApp instead, Weber you can select the button number; top is button1 and bottom is button2. (No idea why other parts of the app don’t support selecting button number.)

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