Sylvania Lightify Gardenspots now only $31.95 w/Prime

There’s a 20% off coupon good for one order at the link below:


(Garden Sots :wink: )


Fixed… :blush:

I was tempted, but I already have 7 of them and really can’t think of any place else I could use them.

Thanks for sharing.
Bought 2 starter kit and 2 extensions but had to place individual orders to have 20% on each item.

Thanks, but I don’t need anymore. If I add any more of these to my property, my house will look distasteful. Less is better if you know what I mean

Not sure what a Gardensots is, but great deal, picked some more up!

Looks like they are all gone :frowning:

I searched around a bit but couldn’t find a good overview of these…
-How do these hold up over time in the rain/snow/heat?
-Do they light up what is above them, or just the bulb itself glows? In some videos seems like just the bulb.
-are there any special features of their hub (fade between colors?), or can ST with apps/webcore cover everything?

I’ve had mine for 2 years outside in hot summers and cold winters with no issues. They even turn on when buried in 1+ foot of snow. You can use a special DTH to get them to fade, not the stock DTH


This thread has more examples and the custom DTH

Here’s a smart app that will automatically schedule US holiday colors once the lights are turned on.