Gardenspot color changing roulette

I am trying to get my gardenspots to rotate preset colors, can this be done?

Using a community app called CoRE, you can do it easily. You will need to use a community based DTH as well:

This one below was setup for Halloween colors, but you can change it easily to other colors or add more.

For just random colors, you can use this piston (CoRE created apps):

I actually just did something like this for myself, but w/ a smartapp. I’m using it for flexstrips, but should work w/ gardenspots as well as other rgbw devices. Its has preconfigured holidays, with colors (and easy enough to add/change your own), and is designed to pick the closet holiday (w/ some options). Yes I’m that lazy.

still playing with it though.


Thanks for this! I was going to create a bunch of CoRE apps to so something similar but this is so much easier!

Edit: Unfortunately, Gardenspot lights can’t really set a white color, I think the closest it comes to white is “Sky Blue”

I am sorry to bother. I am still extremely new to CoRE. I added it yesterday, do i need to add the dth and then create the piston? Could you please continue to guide me?

Actually, I don’t think you need to use the custom DTH but it can’t hurt and it gives you the flexibility to use random hues. Now that you have CoRE installed, you can create a SIMPLE piston to change multiple colors. If you take a look at my piston below:

I turn on my lights based on a lux value from one of my sensors. I also put in several conditions that include a time interval between sunset and 10:45pm and only during the month of November.

Then I create an Action where I can instruct CoRE to do several things. I set three different colors, wait 20 seconds after each change, and finally I tell CoRe to run the same piston again in a loop.

You’ll want to make sure to name your piston before setting up the “Then” part of your piston. The naming of your piston is further down after all of that.

Finally under Else, simply turn the automation off.

The default colors set in CoRE don’t really match the colors of the Gardenspots but you could type in specific Level, Hue & Saturation within CoRE.

Thank your this. I think I may have successfully completed my first piston, I gotta test it later tonight…

You might have problems setting the end time to 12am, I would change it to 11:59pm just so that you stay on the same day. Do you have the Else statement, that will make sure to end the piston.

No else yet. I can’t figure out how to do that last part -_-

There are different types of pistons when you first start out under Piston Mode: Do, Basic, Simple, Latching, etc. You’ll need to choose Simple.

I am trying it with my gardenspots and it works good, thanks!

Edit: The time start won’t turn on the gardenspots. I am assuming it is supposed to?

I’m going to have to try some other color names to add to the loop. Need to get the Christmas loop ready also.

Awesomw. Thanks, I added else. Also the piston is running very well. However, as you predicted, the colors do not match, so I have to do some research and how to set the right color combination.

No actually it isn’t right now (intentionally). Thinking was, there’s lots of other apps to schedule all sorts of logic for ‘on/off’ scheduling, and I didn’t think replicating all that logic made sense here. Instead what it does is act on sets of lights that are on. My use case may be a bit different, as I have a number of flex strip lights, each w/ their own controller/schedules/etc.

Understood. If you make changes/improvements, can you tell me so I can update my IDE?

Thanks again.

I use the smart lights app to turn my gardenspot on at sunset

Installed this app. Excited for it. You should consider making your own thread for it because it might be pretty popular.

Your app shows Thanksgiving as 11/26 instead of 11/24 though.

When it considers what the closest holiday might be, does it only look forward? Or would Thanksgiving colors still be shown on 12/8 instead of Christmas colors?

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Yah its more difficult with floating holidays like thanksgiving, since I’d have to calculate it somehow, maybe if I find a decent library. How I got it to 11/26, I can’t tell you, no real reason for that, thanks :slight_smile:

As far as which holiday to choose, there’s 2 options under ‘color selection’. Probably should describe things better, but “Closest Holiday” will be exactly like you describe, thanksgiving colors would run through early december. “Next holiday (with linger)” however would start xmas (or whatever the next holiday you have setup/chose) right after thanksgiving. The “Linger” parameter allows you to add any number of days, to allow the previous one to “linger”, showing the last holidays colors for the configured period. If that makes sense.

I may do a separate thread if there’s really enough demand, and if it works well across other rgb(w) lights, don’t really have the ability to test w/ others, so if you guys see bugs, let me know.

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This is awesome. I didn’t notice that option.

This is cool. Can you tie this to something besides holidays? Maybe give the option for daily settings, music integration?