Frustrated Vera user considering ST


I am currently using a VeraEdge device and have been generally happy with it until lately. The constant FW updates that they force on you have made my device unstable as it now has a memory leak and is constantly rebooting. I am considering getting a ST V2 hub to test and wanted to know what challenges Ex-Vera users have seen.

Additionally, I do not have any Z-Wave devices at this time, but I do have the following that I am currently using with Vera

  • Ademco alarm panel with an envisalink 3 connected
  • Blue Iris camera server with 4 HD cams connected
  • Ecobee Thermostat

I have seen that the above have smart apps that I can use so I am hoping these will work well. Does anyone have any experience with these?


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What makes you think SmartThings is different? They’re notorious for braking things with every firmware or the back-end upgrade. Fixing it takes weeks and sometimes months.

Ademco alarm panel with an envisalink 3 connected

You can forget about it unless you’re willing to build your own hardware to bridge ST with Envisalink. ST cannot talk to Envisalink directly. I’m not sure about the other two.

I have both Vera Edge and ST V2. I still believe that Vera’s reliability is way higher than ST.

Thanks geko,

I didn’t realize that ST does the same thing with pushing out constant FW updates. I will just stick it out with Vera for now.


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I just got a ST v2, but I’ve been using, and still am, a Vera lite for many years . Do you have your blue iris integrated with Vera?

Hi Jim,

Yes I currently have BI integrated with Vera using a plugin one of the community members created. Here is the link:

You can get the app from the app store in the Vera UI. I am on UI7 right now and was having a severe memory leak with the latest FW (several reboots a day) so I downgraded and that seems to have stabilized the VeraEdge. Overall I really like the Vera unit, but it does seem insecure and unstable sometimes.

How do you like the ST V2 so far?