Switching from Vera

I’m sure this has been asked but I’m not finding it. When I get my Smartthings can I had devices which are already attached to Vera or must I exclude them.

Yes, devices can only attach to one z-wave network at a time so you have to exclude them first. You can use either the Vera or Smartthings to exclude them.

I JUST moved from a Vera 3 unit and very glad I did. You can see my post HERE about my write up on it. There are more things I wish to see out of SmartThings that I think are very doable which are all in that post.

Hi There, sorry to bump an old thread, but am just now adding ST and want to put devices that used to be on my MCV onto the ST network.

2 questions;

  1. if I delete devices from my MCV, should that allow me to add them to the ST?
  2. Is there a way to remove devices from the MCV network at the device level? Specifically a Schlage Lock set, GE/Jasco Lights, and GE Lamp Switches. My MCV is fairly unstable, so am trying to avoid dealing with it if possible.

Thank you in advance!

Read the following recent thread, it discusses the same issue for a member coming from a different controller. Even though his previous controller was different then your vera, the exact same general exclusion process will apply.

Unfortunately, because SmartThings does not support controller shift, you will have to physically handle each device you want to transfer to the new network. But you won’t have to do anything with your old controller.

Thank you @JDRoberts! Will review!