Excluding Devices

I’m trying to exclude devices from ST’s.

For example, I have a GE ZW4101 outlet. Apparently it can be exuded from the website via the zwave utilities. I did that, but of course ST doesn’t provide any feedback at all so I really don’t know if it really excluded it.

I’m wondering because I can’t pair it with Vera. I had similar issues when moving from Vera to ST’s. I had to exclude from Vera before I could include into ST. Vera provides feedback that it worked.

Anyone have any ideas to ensure my device is really excluded?

Check your devices in the IDE. If this outlet still shows up here then it hasn’t been excluded. If it doesn’t then it should be excluded. You can always run the exclusion again.

@dferrey if you have an iPhone you can go to Menu>Settings>[Your Location]>[Your Hub]>Zwave Utilities>General Device Exclusion.

and follow the directions.

Also if the Vera has a general exclusion you can also use that to remove the device from the SmartThings network. Any controller can remove a device from another network.