Mass exclude ALL Z-Wave devices?

I realize I’ll have to go to each device, but I wonder if there’s any way to do this that’s more efficient than doing them one at a time.

I’m already only batting .500 on this, with an Aeon Smart Energy Outlet successfully removed, but I’ve likely bricked a MonoPrice PIR sensor.

Unfortunately not. This is considered a security feature of zwave because you must physically handle each end device before you can remove it from the network. So for example you can’t stand outside a house with a Z wave controller and drop all its window sensors from the House’s network.

There is a Z wave Command set for controller shift where if you have physical access to two different controllers you can transfer a network from one to the other, but unfortunately SmartThings does not support this in either direction.

If you have an Aeon minimote you can just put it into exclusion mode and then walk from one device to another and do whatever you have to do to each device to get it to accept the exclusion. That’s typically much faster than trying to use a SmartThings app. :sunglasses: