Problem Replacing GE Z-Wave Light Switch

My original GE Z-Wave Paddle Switch died, so I bought a replacement.
I am unable to use the classic ST app, so I don’t have access to Z-Wave utilities or the replace function.

So, I went to the IDE and deleted the dead switch, but I am unable to add the new switch to SmartThings!

What am I doing wrong?

First of all, zwave utilities are located under the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner after clicking on the hub tile on the app. As far as the new switch, try running a general zwave exclude from the app located where i stated above. Exclude the new switch and try repairing it

Thanks @troy_owens! I had to look 5 times to actually find the hub tile hidden amongst my devices. I never would have expected to be where they put it.

I found Z-wave utilities, and removed the device. Now I’m getting messages saying “you haven’t finished secure setup. The device will still be added, but the connection will be less secure and the device may not work correctly.”

BUT, at least it’s now in the app and I can control it. I am not sure what the implications are of the insecure setup…

Just ignore it…it’s a standard prompt when adding an older device or not using the QR code included on a newer device at setup, that S2 secure isn’t enabled which in reality means absolutely nothing. Glad you got it working

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