Switchbot lock is pretty good

Just a little appreciation post for the switchbot lock.
Genuinely didn’t really take any interest on this lock then I found out about their fingerprint keypad.
Game changer for me.

So many different ways to gain access it’s incredible. Having never used a smart lock before I was genuinely excited putting this on. :slight_smile:

With the help from this amazing community I’ve managed to integrate @TAustin edge bridge presence arrival to try and have the lock automatically unlock upon me getting up my driveway. Not sure this is fast enough though but not the fault of the driver.

Best part is the integration with ST and the ability to lock and unlock within routines as well.

I wish switchbot would allow Auto Unlock when phone is within Bluetooth range though. Perhaps one day.


Are you able to just use the touch keypad without the lock (with or without a hub mini) so it can trigger a routine? I want to use just the keypad to trigger arm/disarm on SmartThings.

And if you mount it on the outside you can use a special PIN so that you can always open the door even if your devices are out of juice. Would be sweet if they’re compatible without the need for the additional mini hub from switchbot.