Switchbot hub mini doesn't stay connected to smartthings

So I just bought a switchbot hub mini to control a switch bot. It works great on its own, and through the switchbot app.

When I connect my switchbot account to smartthings, I see the switchbot device connected to my switchbot hub mini. So far so good…

When I try to activate the switchbot device however, the switchbot connection goes offline. I’ve disconnected, reconnected… Tried everything, no joy.

Anyone else see this sort off behavior?

Here’s how it looks on the IDE

Here’s how it looks on the switchbot app

Any trouble controlling it from the SwitchBot App while you have Bluetooth turned off on your phone? How far is the SwitchBot hub from the robot?

No issues at all, the mini hub is about 3 feet from the switch.

You can also see from the app that it is connected to the cloud.

Ok, serious user error. I did not realize that I had to go into the device settings in the switchbot app and enable the cloud service specifically for that individual device.

Once I did that, the smartthings integration worked perfectly.

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