So i added 3 bots to the switch bot app. Then named them all, i enabled the cloud for each one. Then i created the IFTTT routines, with the button widget linked to each switch bot, so it created 3 connections. But not sure how to get them to be seen in Smartthings. Smartthings does have the switchbot add a device option.

When i first tried this with adding 1 bot, then did the ifttt link. The bot appeared in smartthings but i have no idea how that happened, because i cannot get it to work again.

Any advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:

You’re mixing apples and oranges here. You either use Ifttt with virtual switches as proxies or use the official integration in the new V3 app. Not both together.

Which way did you want to integrate your devices? (I have switchbot at my house but haven’t gotten around to checking out the official integration yet, I’m planning to do that next Tuesday.)

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The only way i could came the bots to appear in smartthings was to click add devices in smartthings and select switchbot, then add them to ifttt as well. Weird!!!

I do understand what you are saying, i will start from scratch again.


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It may be that when you add them to Ifttt you are authorizing them for use by another service and that is enabling the direct integration. But I don’t know, as I said, I haven’t looked at it yet.

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So i stopped using IFTTT, then just added them with Direct Integration through smartthings and like before they didn’t show up in smartthings. I came back two hours later and they were in smartthings, slow response through the linking process i guess. But they are in there and working great :slight_smile:

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How do you guys get it to find the devices?
When I try, it just responses with an error.
Add device - Switchbot. Then my only choice is ‘Other’.
Then I choose placement and Room. But it just returns an error. So it doesn’t work.
Should it be connected some way or AM I missing something.
I have 2 Switchbots and 1 Hub Plus. I use IFTTT and virtuel switch es, but it would be great with faster execution.

Once i selected add a device in Smartthings and selected switchbot then other, it will link to your switchbot account. But the 3 bots i had in the switchbot app still would not be detected.

I then went into the switchbot app and made sure that the cloud service was turned on for all bots, then selected google assistant for each one and added them in there, of course they can be taken out of there later or organized. After adding them into the assistant it took awhile still but they then appeared in Smartthings.

There obviously is an issue with authorization directly in Smartthings with switchbots not being detected. So anyway thats how i got it to work, and it works great now that they are in my Smartthings device list.

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Thanks for your reply.
But here nothing happens.! It never connects or anything. Just stuck in limbo. Never connects or find anything. And I have the hub plus and to switchbot fingers. Look at the image.
Do you know what to do?|230x500

Hi there,

Any news about the integration of the switchbot with the ST?


It’s been working well for quite some time as discussed in the thread above. But it’s a cloud to cloud integration, you do have to have the switchbot hub to make it work.

If you were asking about direct connection between a switchbot button pusher and a Smartthings Hub, that is not possible at the present time because the SmartThings hub will not connect to any Bluetooth devices.