Inovelli LZW30-SN LED Red Series Notification presets in WebCore in 2021?

I had this working great for years. Tried to “fix” something that was not broken, updated some DH in SmartThings and now the LED notifications are no longer available in WebCore. I used these for pulsing and solid LED colors for various door and lock combinations.

These are the LED presets

My old WebCore setup, you can see the LED presets are no longer there.

How can I use the SmartThings app LED notification in WebCore in 2021?

Are you able to add them as available devices in webcore —> ST app > your instance of webcore > settings > available devices > available devices > capability group 1-3?

Just a note… webCoRE will be phased out when groovy is shut down so you may want to start planning to use Routines if possible

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No, not seeing them in the Capability groups 1-3. Just updated WebCore and I see these settings are new.

Do any of these toggles matter from the switch device handler?