Opinion on switches: Zooz or Inovelli

I have narrow down my z-wave switches solution to either Zooz (n26) or Inovelli (red). I order one of each on Amazon to try them out this week (e.g. if the wiring would work for my use case and the feeling on the switch itself) However, I would like to hear from the community as to which one they went with and why? Any feedback would be appreciated

I have both.

Zooz works but it’s feature set is limited.

Inovelli has a very rich feature set but you might have to research and fight with things a bit. Larger LED for notifications, particularly on the dimmer, is pretty cool.

Zooz AFAIK requires a neutral. Inovelli dimmers do not.

Inovelli has a very active Community. Not sure what Zooz has for peer to peer support.

I have a neutral wire so that’s not an issue, and it seems both have decent wiring support. However, your comment seem to indicate that Inovelli has a richer community, which matter a lot for a geek like myself

Zooz is the house brand for The Smartest House, and they have had employees active in this community (as has Inovelli) for several years who have always been very responsive here. So as far as peer to peer support goes, if you’re using it with smartthings, you should get plenty in this forum. :sunglasses:


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Another factor: Zooz is still limited to white switches (they said they are coming out with new models with changeable paddles soon). Inovelli already has changeable paddles with different colors.

(this definitely mattered to my wife for our kitchen remodel; white was not an option)


So Bry, given you have both in your home, and this is something I will find out later this week, is the tactile feel about the same between the two?

you really can’t go wrong with either. Zooz works a little better with the LED fixtures in our house, but that probably varies by the specific LED fixtures/bulbs you have. Tactile feel is similar for both.

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I do not have any Zooz dimmers, but regarding the switches, the tactile feel is the same to me. If I were blindfolded and was blocked from hearing the relays, I don’t think I could tell the difference.

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Zooz is our house brand and you’ll see us participating on hub forums and reddit regularly to provide more context-based support :slight_smile: When it comes to actual tech support, you’ll receive full wiring support with notes over your wiring images and an answer within 24 hours, including weekends and holidays as well. We’re not sure if this is something other companies provide so we’ll let the community members speak to that :wink:

@dwchan69 Let us know if any advanced features as especially important to you. All of the Zooz switches support multi-tap scene control, smart bulb mode, and a bunch of other ways to customize your ZEN26 on off switches or ZEN27 dimmers. We also offer bulk discounts for 10 or more units so you can get in touch for a custom quote.


Jimmy brings up a good point. There are varying technologies used in the switches and dimmers that can affect the compatibility of LEDs. So if you are installing where you have fixed LEDs that can’t be changed easily (wafer lights, can lights, etc), I would research bulb compatibility before making a decision.

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Not really concern with the scene controls (having fews are fine, don’t need like dozen of scene), more concern about the tactile feels (which I will find out tomorrow) and wiring. As I have dozen of add-on switches from Evolve that I am trying to re-used with Z-wave association. Stay tune

If you’ll be using the Evolve switches to control the ZEN26 or Inovelli switch through direct association, please make sure the Zooz / Inovelli switch is added using the Scan nearby button so it’s not added securely because Z-Wave devices need to be added using the same security level. So instead of choosing Zooz under Brands in the Add device screen, just click on Scan nearby and then activate the switch by tapping the upper paddle 3 times quickly (Inovelli may use a different paddle sequence so please check their manual). Let us know how it goes!

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Will do, also the use case for either zooz or Inovelli would be 3 and 4 way, with one circuit as 5-way. So we will see how’s it goes. Thank you again for your time

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Can’t go wrong with either. I have a lot of respect for Agnes and team and they’ve been crushing it lately with pricing (I’m honestly not sure how you get away with it!) as well as their feature-set. I think they even beat us on the amount of scenes in one switch lol.

Happy to answer any questions you have @dwchan69 and yeah, head on over to our community, we’d love to have you!


I can’t comment on the Zooz switches. But I had a dimmer switch on the end of a line with no neutral wire and for years I was looking for a solution to control my chandelier in my dining room. I went with an Inovelli dimmer because it was my understanding it could work without a neutral wire. And boy did it ever! It has worked flawlessly for me and it offers lots of customization at the switch itself. As a sidenote, I’m using incandescent candelabra bulbs in the chandelier. Highly recommended.


I can confirm this. On the occasions I’ve installed Zooz switches, they’ve been extremely helpful with rapid and accurate wiring assistance. The assistance includes step-by-step instructions that refer to annotations they’ve made to my pictures of my wiring scenarios. Weekdays or weekends don’t seem to matter. Their switches are competitively priced and provide good functionality as well. I also like that their 3-way switches do not require add-on switches to properly function.

Please note, this is not negative toward Inovelli switches as I have not used any of their products (yet) to make a comparison.


Just a quick update, finally got my Inovelli install in a 3-way configuration. I did ran into one issue. On the line input of the red-series switch, it has two pin holes for wiring. I am feedback my hot from the panel to this input. But since I also want to feed power to my add-on switch on the end other, I am using the red traveler to power it up shouldn’t the red wire that is going into the same terminal on the red-series (Load) be hot also?

So that you don’t hijack this post, you may wish to start a new one. Or better yet, post it in the Inovelli forum.

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sorry, was not aware Inovelli has their own forum on here