Switch to trigger light source, not relay? (EU)

I don’t stick to aqara. For me, the point is that the function of the button can be changed so that it switches the light source and not the relay. If you happen to know such a switch that works better with st, that would be even better.

That should certainly be doable. We need to ask a couple of questions first.

  1. because you had previously been trying a Zigbee button, I assume you do have a SmartThings/Aeotec hub. Which model?

  2. what is the brand and model of the “light source” that you would like to target?

  3. Do you want the trigger device to be battery powered or mains powered?

  4. Do you have a preference for what the trigger device looks like?

  5. Do you just need on/off, or do you also need dimming control?

Once we know those answers, we can make some more specific suggestions. :thinking:

I have an Aeotec V3 hub. Ledvance Smart+ Zigbee RGB E27 bulb. I wanted a switch that could change the function of the button so that the bulb wouldn’t always be without power, thus avoiding the delay that might occur if I wanted to start the bulb with a different color. That’s why I bought an Aqara switch because it was the only one that promised that. Unfortunately, I didn’t read the forum before. I would like to connect such a solution directly to the Aeotec Hub without an extra hub, but I would like it to remain physically detachable.