Switch to trash can mode - frustration

My old hub died a while back so I replaced it with a new one… and so far nothing works. It seems to see my lights and smart outlets, but just comes back with a “network error occurred”. When I try to add the devices again the new version of the app doesn’t see them.

I’m about to upgrade the whole system to trashcan 1.0.

Back in the 80’s I had a system called a “GE Homeminder”. The thing had it’s own controller (hub) powered by a Z-80 processor and worked with the X-10 system. With all the technology we’ve come up with since I’ve found that works anywhere nearly as well as that 80’s tech.

Can we probe you for more details on brand/models of the devices? Are you using any custom code? You can check IDE at https://account.SmartThings.com for any custom Smartapps or device handlers you have installed.

When adding back… depending on brand/model are you resetting or excluding if z-wave before trying to add back?