SwannOne Zen Thermostat and Smartthing Hub V2

I’m curious if SwannOne Zen thermostat model# SWO-ZTH01K works with Smartthings Hub V2? Thank you in advance if someone could help me with this matter.

Search SwannOne in this forum and you will see many posts of people finding that SwannOne devices don’t work with ST. They will connect but hours later disconnect. I have no direct experience with this thermostat but given other device failures I wouldn’t recommend trying this one.

Thank you very much! I’ll pass on it then…

I’ve been using a Zen Thermostat with my v1 hub since July. I’d hope it would also work with the v2 hub if I ever upgrade. If you search the community, you will see that some people have had problems with connectivity and control through ST.

I suppose it’s possible that SwannOne branded Zen thermostats have been modified for only their hub. If you look at the Zen on Amazon, the product description claims it’s compatible with ST.

Yes, this particular thermostat does work.

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I contacted Zen support and got this following answer. I hope this help clear thing up a bit about SwannOne Zen and ST V2. Thanks

“The two product codes have different underlying software and communication codes. Unfortunately it would not be compatible.”