Supporting new E1 Aqara devices

I have 3 Aqara B1 motors. The setup operates for like 9 months now with minor issues.

  • open percentage is never smooth in ST, so you can’t blindly pause it on 50%. The same behavior with officially supported Ikea motors.

  • devices went offline a couple of times. Simple pull-to-open get them online.
    During the same period, ST HUB went inoperable much more often.

Otherwise, Aqara works smoothly, and battery life is great.
Curtain closing at sunset, and open just before alarm goes off are really nice routines to have. Gives a truly smart home experience


I got one on the Black friday sales on Amazon.

Its paired immediately as a zigbee blind motor. However the controls dont work with it.
Has anyone got this working?
How can i get the device fingerprint to add it to a current edge driver if possible?