Supporting new E1 Aqara devices

I have 3 Aqara B1 motors. The setup operates for like 9 months now with minor issues.

  • open percentage is never smooth in ST, so you can’t blindly pause it on 50%. The same behavior with officially supported Ikea motors.

  • devices went offline a couple of times. Simple pull-to-open get them online.
    During the same period, ST HUB went inoperable much more often.

Otherwise, Aqara works smoothly, and battery life is great.
Curtain closing at sunset, and open just before alarm goes off are really nice routines to have. Gives a truly smart home experience


I got one on the Black friday sales on Amazon.

Its paired immediately as a zigbee blind motor. However the controls dont work with it.
Has anyone got this working?
How can i get the device fingerprint to add it to a current edge driver if possible?


Did you ever find a driver or resolve getting the fingerprint?

Just loaded an Aquara Roller Shade Driver E1 into St. It attached as Zigbee Switch. Which does nothing and reports the β€œThis device hasn’t updated its status information…”
Below is detail from Mariano’s β€œZigbee Thing Mc” driver:

β€œlumi.curtain.acn002” (at least the one on sale in Australi)
If anyone is interested / can help?

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just try to install it with the generic Zigbee window coverings. Add the fingerprint and see what’s working.

The only driver options I see the zigbee swith and alternatively zigbee thing mc.
Even the extra drivers in API+ does not include any window drivers.
Where would I load β€œthe generic Zigbee window coverings”?

oh, to get it sorted out you’ll have to install the Smartthings toolset, check out a driver code from GitHub, make changes, and upload the driver to your channel.

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I’ve never heard about Smartthings toolset. Can you please send more info ?

please use the search eg β€œSmartthings cli”, it’s the very first step in a long process.

Got you Andrew.
I already know CLI.
I thought you’re referring to something else, like driver wizard, that you can create your own drivers without understanding LUA code.

you don’t need to understand any Lua. just copy-paste the fingerprint and publish the driver via cli .

literally 1 file - 5 lines to add using template. I bet 80% it will work just via fingerprint.

for the other 20%, I use Co-pilot, which helps A LOT.

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Let me know if you get this working be great if you / someone can.

Nope i sent it back. I had one working a while back but it wasnt very responsive. Be great if it gets working

Hey Dotan,
could you let me know if you get it to work? I just messed up my aqara e1 shade driver trying to transition it from a working DH to an edge driver and it does not respond at all, even after trying with several different window treatment drivers. And sadly I cannot get it to pair with the old DH anymore. I should have done some more thorough research on this one before trying to transition it…
Thanks in advance!

Can you please share you FingerPrint of your Aqara E1 Window treatment device ?
I had problems with Aqara wireless button that did not respond to x5 press, this issue is know closed.

Hey Dotan, this is what I see on my aqara e1 shade driver:
deviceLabel: Aqara Curtain Controller
manufacturer: LUMI
model: lumi.curtain.acn002

Please look here:

Seems like @Mariano_Colmenarejo already did something for:

[quote=β€œ[Beta] Zigbee Edge Driver compatible with Lidl, Ecosmart, Osram, SmartThings & Others, post:2931, topic:231689”]
Window Treatment Mc

Hi Dotan,

I already saw that thread and tryied with his Window Treatment Mc, but only the close function works. Some people appear to have made it work but for some reason not me…

Anyway, thanks for looking around!

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You can always send a log to @Mariano_Colmenarejo while doing open/close/calibrate.
Here are some instruction how to create a log:

you can try to test my channel

My driver is currently functional with Aqara Curtain B1. It’s possible that the E1 model shares the same clusters.