supportedButtonValues display different between app versions

Using supportedButtonValues, the details view is different between app versions. shows only the actions specified, continues to show everything. Both show correct actions when used with automations/routines.

Clicking, then canceling, on an action not specified in supportedButtonValues results in a quick undefined event message.

iOS or Android?

Yes, there have been a few reports of that. I am seeing it on Android with my own custom handler but I notice the one IKEA button I have, running a stock handler, is still đisplaying correctly.

Running Android

Thanks @orangebucket . Sonoff button here. Using an Edge driver now, but noticed it with the DTH as well.

@roadDOG are you using a Sonoff ZigBee button with an Edge Driver?
If yes where can I find the driver.

Yes, It’s added to my channel if you would like to try it. Channel link is in post linked below.

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Thanks, I will give it a try.

Yes, this issue is only happening in the Detail View and is already reported. If you want, you can set a device-config using enabledValues to define the allowed button values but it would be static. Even if you changed the supportedButtonValues, the presentation would decide what is displayed.

I tried your driver for my Sonoff SNZB-01 Button, it paired easily and works good.

Thanks for developing and sharing this driver.

Glad to hear, thank you for letting me know.