Supported Security System?

Hello, i’d like to know fi there is any known security system that is currently supported to integrate at least partially with smartthings, i know someone got a DSC system working, but it looke very “hacky” and im not a pro dealing with arduinos and that stuff, also i want something “kind of” reliable (thats my i want to integrate a security system)…so, any idea/news?

I had my Honeywell L5100 connected with ST but the L5100 was failing on several devices due to it not be capadable with the devices. So I removed ST from the L5100 and just have ST dealing with all the z-wave/zigbee devices and the L5100 dealing with just the security side of things and not the HA stuff. I added a fibaro window/door sensor connected to the Trigger Output from the L5100 so that ST can know when it is armed and disarmed. Then I connected Mimolite to a keyfob so that ST can disarm the L5100.

That is how I have both connected together so I don’t have to keep fixing devices that both are sharing.

Check out They just announced IFTTT integration and are going to be partnering with ST at a location level at first, and then at a device level. I am not sure what this means, but this is what Scout’s sales team told me this week. Apparently, they will be providing the $9.99 notification services that was announced at CES so they must be able to have insight into ST environments. What is holding me back from Scout now is the lack of Smoke/CO’s sensors and I’ve read their motion detectors don’t work well with pets. I am keeping my eye on them though.

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ScoutSecurity looks pretty cool! And even better if I could integrate their open/close sensor, those are at a good price

It has promise. The 24/7 monitoring is through COPS the same company SimpliSafe uses, which is my current alarm system. They don’t offer keypad which my wife isn’t crazy about, but the lack of smoke and CO detectors is the real show stopper for me right now.