Existing Security System Integration


Probably the number 1 device that is missing from your product lineup is a device that will integrate smartthings with existing home security systems. It seems technically possible, as Xfinity is able to do it with existing systems. Even basic integration with alarm reporting and the ability to arm/disarm remotely would be a great plus.

(Craig) #2

There are a bunch of threads about doing this. Nothing official but lots of custom projects that do it.


Thanks Craig. I have been looking over some of those projects, and they seem a bit beyond what I would/could attempt. Lots of boards/programming/dedicated servers/etc. in the recipes. I was hoping that SmartThings would see this as a core feature of a home automation system rather than a minor need best met by patchwork user solutions.

(Isriam) #4

I feel like st is simply a toy to manage a few cool things for you. I can’t rely on it for very important things like true security nvr and other important items.

I have my dsc alarm on st to arm it in a schedule but aside from that I don’t trust it for true security.

(Craig) #5

Jeff - I doubt you’ll ever see that unless they sign some partnership which I doubt they’ll do. Think about this, having ST connected to ADT is actually a huge liability. It’s actually a breech of ADTs TOS as well. That’s why when I shot my video they actually a little concerned about me talking about my ADT hack.