Has ST (with or without Scout) helped during a burglary?

So, I am just wondering if for all the sensors and money we put into this system, has it actually helped someone from a burglary? I have been searching and the only one case I could find was this: Burglary Prevented! Thank YOU Smartthings!

I know the Scout integration had quite some heat when it started because SHM wasn’t (isn’t) fully baked, glitches on Scout’s end and false notifications, but I haven’t heard anything recently of someone saying “it works and I like it”.


I really only consider SmartThings a Home Automation platform but not necessarily a Home Security System in itself. Although it has the Smart Home Monitor element, how much it helps will greatly depend on how much you invest in time and material.

Saying all that, the “Security Section” of my Home Automation System has a stand-alone DSC Alarm System with Cell backup that is professionally monitored which is also tied into SmartThings. I have a multitude of rules that engage cameras and send notifications assisted with 12 Security Cameras, 40+ Motion Sensors, 40+ Contact Sensor, 4 Glass Breaks and plenty of Lights around the Exterior and Interior of the house that go crazy if someone even thinks about breaking in.

Personally, I hope that ST will NEVER have to “help during a burglary” because it all about prevention in my book. However, I feel confident that with the response that I have had during a couple of false alarms and one test, would-be burglars would be screwed choosing my home to rob.

However, if they are “Smart” enough to circumvent all of the Local and Cloud based Security Measures that I currently have in place, then they obviously done their homework and I guess you are never really 100% covered.

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Hi rdelavega,

That was my Burglary posting from last year that you referenced in your comment.

I think the reason you may not have found any other circumstances is probably down to the consumer market Smartthings are selling into. People who buy Smartthings will almost certainly buy wifi cameras, wireless alarms, visible door sensors, and it’s these extra bits that probably ward off intruders, and not the Smartthings itself.

With my attempted break-in, at the time I only had Smartthings, so to the outside world my house was like any other house. However, since the break-in, I’ve bought two Netatmo outdoor cameras, and changed my Yale smart lock from mute to “all sounds on”, so that when the keypad is pressed, noises ring out the house, and not silent like I had had it set on.

And what do you know, cameras, Smartthings, Yale Smart Lock and 9 months later I’ve not had a single person come to my front door that I wasn’t expecting.

So my thoughts are, Smartthings hasn’t needed to prevent further burglarys, as it’s part of an integral system of cameras etc that act as a deterrant.

I get all about ST being a HA solution and not a security company. I was just going through some shower thoughts this morning and I remembered about the Scout integration. Just curious to see what people experience.

While it is possible to find research and statistics to support any theory (i.e., Resolved: SmartThings helps prevent or minimize the loss from burglaries…), I find the article below to be informative.

You will note that 90% of its recommendations can be accomplished without a system like SmartThings, or ADT, or Scout, or Vivint, or Alarm. com, …

i.e., You can make your home much safer just by using proper locks, doors and windows, and supplementing by “looking difficult”, such as automated lighting, yard signs, or cameras (even dummy/decoy cameras).