Integrate SmartThings With Honeywell Security

I am just getting started and learning SmartThings. I a ST hub, garage door opener, and a couple switches installed and running. I only have very basic stuff right now. My home has a builtin Honeywell security system that we have never used. Since it has a lot of sensors, siren, etc, I would like to have ST tap into it so I can use those.

So my obvious question is, How can I do it? I think the system is from like 2006-2008 timeframe.

Any ideas?

Hi @djtech2k, welcome to the Community and ST. Your topic has been discussed quite a bit, with quite a few options available to you. I recommend doing a Search in the community on your topic, and reading up on what’s available. Answers to your questions will more than likely be found, but if not you can ask in one of those discussions where many members are active.

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