I like the idea of SmartThings, BUT


First off I really like SmartThings. I was an original adopter when it debuted on Kickstarter. I put up with all the delays and then the disappointments when it was finally delivered. It has been a very long road. Granted the platform has come a long way and the software, mostly CoRE is has filled the void of everything SmartThings had lacked from the beginning.


Now we move on to all the platform updates and the whack-a-mole problems that seem to pop up EVERY TIME they mess with the platform. There seems to be a long running joke that every time those at SmartThings says they are fixing things and making it better that everyone knows your GOING TO BREAK THE SYSTEM AGAIN.

Every single time you mess with the platform its like all of us users are thrown into a hopper, shook up, and when the dust settles those that weren’t have a problem before are now the one paying the price for YOUR SUCCESSFUL UPDATE, while it clears many problems for others. Its like there is only so many people it can correctly for at any one time and we are just trading our problems with someone else. Maybe this isn’t what really happens but plenty of other users on the forum seem to suffer as I describe.

For the most part it is working much better than a year ago. REMEMBER A YEAR AGO? My God! What a mess that was. Fast forward today looking in the forums I see people having constant problems with their devices.

Example: Once again you just “upgraded” the platform and guess what? YEP! All my first generation motion detectors stopped working. I gave as much detail to support as I had, clearly telling them I had three all failing at the same time. After about a day I get a reply suggesting all the usual BLAH, BLAH, BLAH and if I was unable to get them to work, suggested that I buy new ones and that they happened to be on sale.

Suggesting that I buy new ones to fix my problem is inexcusable and insensitive. It also proves that many support staff DO NOT TAKE THE TIME TO READ AND UNDERSTAND WHAT IS BEING COMMUNICATED!!!

Nearly every time I contact support someone enviably responds with a question that was clearly answered in the original contact. This is stupid stuff like, have you tried rebooting your hub?

Those of you in charge of SmartThings should take a step back and see the effect you are having on your users.

Thank you for you’re time.

OH, and BTW, the problem on my first generation SmartThings motion sensors was solved when a hot patch was make to that wonderful upgrade you did the other day. (sarcasm on) I am truly thankful I didn’t have to throw my first generation motions sensors away and buy all new ones. (sarcasm off)