Support of OTA firmware updates for Z-Wave / Z-Wave Plus devices

Thanks for the update Kianoosh, the new Z-Wave firmware currently in Beta is a considerable improvement! I have not had switches/dimmers showing wrong status or hanging since I got it and things seem to be running smoother.

Some of the things you mention sound really cool but I do think firmware OTA updates should indeed have priority as such updates are usually much more than just cosmetical and fix device bugs that do considerably affect the user experience…


Sounds good, what are some devices you would think an OTA would be a considerable user experience upgrade?

Sure, I’ll give you what I’ve encountered:

  • I have a couple of Aeotec Garage Door Openers, when triggered manually with the button they were not sending the notification to the controller so status was going out of sync. A firmware update was available and thankfully I had a friend with a Z-Wave stick so I finally managed to upgrade it but the whole process was a Huge PITA which included multiple exclusions and inclusions and having to resync the door sensors,etc. After all that status notifications are working fine… that said these are sitting in a box right now as I moved and have not had time to install them but the point stands…

  • The Leviton Z-Wave Plus Switches and Dimmers have a problem where manual use from their matching remote on a 3-way setup does not trigger the main device to send the hail command they use for status notification, so in this specific case the status of the devices goes out of sync. Leviton support acknowledged the problem and said are working on it long long time ago but nothing so far, this will likely need a firmware update.

In the Leviton case, a firmware update is not actually available at the moment but I believe it already exists (the Z-Wave certification shows a version higher than the one my devices have) and the only reason they have customers waiting is that they do not have a way to distribute it. On all the research and reading I have done I have learned (might not be fully accurate) Z-Wave OTA firmware updates are not encrypted so device manufacturers are reluctant to give them directly to customers, the ones that do (aeotec, HomeSeer) have developed a software that has the firmware encrypted to protect their IP and you can only upgraded using that software… IF ST were to support this, I’m sure with the help of NDA’s, etc. manufactures would be more willing to distribute their firmware updates through it…


Thank you for very detailed response. I really do appreciate it. I will try to see what I can do, I really want to give the users some of the features that I talked about few posts earlier, but I will try to do my best to prioritize this feature. Sorry if that sounds generic and not promising, but I will try my best


No, thank you! :slight_smile:

And those features you have in mind do really sound cool and useful so regardless of order I’m sure we’ll have fun…

All GE 127xx switches have some firmware updates however, the current stock DTH for all of GE’s type of Z-Wave dimmers (switches/plug in outlets etc) for later firmware version have an issue where sending a ‘set level’ type of command will cause the dimmer to jump directly to that level instead of gradually fading to the requested level.

So for example if the light is off and I set the level to 100, it will instantly go from off to 100 whereas older versions will gradually increase from off through to 100 just fine. If the previous level was 100 and the light is turned off, then issued a ‘turn on’ command without a ‘set level’ it will gradually go from off to 100 like you would expect it to.

I have both types of firmware versions:

ver:3.35 zwv:3.40 = works as expected
ver:3.37 zwv:3.67 = doesn’t work as expected (jumps to set level instead of fading)

There are some configuration parameters that supposedly control this:

There are loads of discussions around this issue on the ST community and a few other places around the Internet but here are a couple examples:

However, the most telling and finally a decent response seems to have come from Jasco on the quoted text in this post:,50391.msg332062.html#msg332062

It’s not clear if this parameter 6 is also available to the 12724 dimmers that do suffer this issue but would require modification of the stock DTH to accompany the newer firmware version dimmers with the issue however, fixing this would benefit a vast number of SmartThings users as the GE Z-Wave dimmers (of all types and generations) are probably by far the most popular.

Another OTA firmware update that would be nice but would only benefit a smaller subset of people is for the AEON RGBW Bulb, the newer version can be found here:

There is a popular DTH written by @erocm1231 that takes advantage of all of the cool options available on this bulb, including the new features in the newer firmware, so it would be great if that OTA update were available too:

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There’s also the newer firmware available for the Aeon Multisensor gen 6 that would be helpful as well.


Inovelli also has firmware updates available for their switches that include scene control. They do not work properly and lock up without the firmware update.


The new app does not connect to my thermostats. I need to update firmware at the IDE level or the old app. I have several brands of thermostat including remotec, sensibo, stelpro, centralite and airpatrol.

Z-Wave makes sense for me since interference with other household emf is lessened by the frequency. It is also quite energy efficient. I select it when possible.

Now if the hub could continue to function without internet!


Add me into the mix here. I had to update all of my inovelli switches with a third party z stick. I had to remove all of them from my network and read them after. It was a pain that could have been avoided if smartthings had this ability. Thankfully inovelli has awesome support and was great at helping me out with this workaround.


Thanks for your feedback

+1 here as well. Enough z-wave(plus) devices this matters to me.


@Kianoosh_Karami any more updates on updating to a z-wave stack that supports S2? Does the 21.13 or 22.13 firmware z-wave upgrades work towards this?

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Just wanted to add my vote for the Z-Wave OTA update feature (especially for the Leviton dimmers). This seems like such a fundamental feature needed to bring home automation more mainstream. I hesitate to recommend SmartThings to people due to the quirky behavior of many of my devices and the fact that I need to use custom device handlers many times to work around firmware issues.


OTA Z-Wave Plus updates, YES PLEASE!!! I’m dying here!

I have 30 Leviton Dimmers and switches installed in my home and I have no way to update the firmware. I desperately need to update firmware as these switches are not reliably staying online or reporting status. To be quite frank, without this feature, I am dead in the water.


I’d love to see z-wave updates for HomeSeer devices, especially their 100 and 200 series light switches.

I am told that upgrading GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus wall switches to 5.26 or higher enables the “double tap” feature. That would be a great OTA upgrade for many customers.


Currently, we are working on rolling out the S2 functionality in the next 3-6 months, once that is completed we will shift our focus to OTA firmware updates. I know that is long, but rolling out the S2 requires a complete overhaul of our Z-Wave framework and that means we have to be careful when migrating from old stack to a new stack and ensure all is good.

Thanks for your patience, for what it is worth, the actually OTA firmware update support is not complex and relatively straight forward, we just need to work out the details of getting the OTA firmware update files to the hub so they are not bundled with firmware releases, that way we can release OTA firmware updates for devices without having to release firmware which could be every 2-4 months.


Thanks for the update!


This is great news for all of us that have a large investment in Z-Wave devices! Looking forward to seeing this implemented and would be happy to be a beta tester for it.

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