Firmware Updates for Smartthings Sensors

I understand the reasoning why my hub would need a firmware update, but can someone from Smartthings staff tell me why a sensor would need a firmware update? Particularly with the latest release that drained the batteries?

The sensors were working fine in the five years prior, but I don’t understand how a firmware update could make it perform better than it has been for the last five years.

I don’t know what they updated but firmware updates are typically a good thing. Vulnerabilities, support for changes in the applicable standards, bug fixes, are just a few examples of what could be upgraded with a firmware update. I always welcome updates and frown on manufacturers that release and forget their hardware. There is no such thing as “perfect software” so updates are like gold.

Unfortunately the updates themselves can introduce bugs or unwanted side effects if not thoroughly tested or if they don’t alert users on potential actions required after the update (for example that a DTH might need to be updated as well to work well with the new firmware - i believe how battery charge is determined is an example of this but not sure)


I agree with Alex, I also frown on manufactures who do not provide updates on their hardware.

I believe there is a toggle to disable firmware updates for zigbee if you really do not want it.

I personally would prefer to get a firmware update and have to replace a battery then to not get a firmware update.

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I agree with all of the above, but I would just like to know exactly what they changed with the sensors. They give us details on the firmware for the hub, but not the sensors.

Agreed, a changelog for all updates would often be useful to have.

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Firmware updates for the following devices
SmartThings Multi and Motion Sensors (2015) - add support for secure rejoin

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I read that earlier. I know about that. But release notes pertaining to the sensors is what I’m looking for. Is Secure rejoin really the only thing?

Not enough? That is an important improvement to shore up the security of SmartThings home automation before we start hearing about hacks left and right…

Yes… I am aware the sensors are Zigbee but the video just shows how insecure things can be.